Míla Bugtcher

Model #7 is an experienced masochist who knows how much she can handle. She didn’t feel well on shooting day, so we finally chose simple stitch which underlined raw design of sewed labia. This design is actually ultimate expression of closing female genitalia and shows frame of Hidden Pleasures project.

Model #7

Bugtcher spoke to me the other day and actually informed me that he’s gonna sew my pussy together and Mr. Photographer is gonna shoot that and also that thing is some kind of his new project. Well, why not, when me and my man play a little sharp there had been some lips clicking together already and I even helped as sewing material at public event- at Obscene Extreme festival.

These are just fleeting moments- once with erotica and orgasm, the others with adrenaline. How to capture that for ever? As an art? Will I hang framed at Hermitage? I studied philosophy of art some time ago and remembered how good placement, sourrounding of propriete thougths can move common dirty stuff like photography of vaginas can to an artistic hights. Right after I made alibi for myself (I am vwell behaved woman, but for art, for art I can do things!) I could start worrying. Or get excited? I was familliar with sewing technique already, I would even look forward to it, how pain spreads around my body, but it’s finish already, drops of sweat shine and excitement grows.

But sadly I didn’t feel well. Or was it just an excuse, nasty use of my little cold and not admitting that I got softer and even stab with needle hurts me? It was strange experience, so far away from my home intimacy and performing infront of hundreds of people, whose numbers and madness give me energy and courage. Tiny response to not spoil it. And also enjoy it, or suffer with pain.

I am looking forward to when pictures hang infront of public eyes and for people being able to see what I was feeling infront of camera and bellow the needle!