Míla Bugtcher

I keep Model  #15 in my head still as young and playful girl, even she only looks like that. She never avoids pain and in past history she appeared as really tough girl. This is why I wanted her for Hidden Pleasures project. During choosing her design I focused mainly on visual side and I wanted to add something to my work that will remind me her anime charakter look. I used small fancy colored ruber ball as a base for needles. First I planned to use several needle colors to keep same style, but after I remembered that photos are black&white I decided to use only the thickest ones.


Modelka #16

I watched project before, but I never thought about joining it. I admire how it gently captures something so brutal. I showed project to my friends and most of them liked it. Some of them even asked me, which foto is mine. When Mila asked me to join it, I was overtaken by my curiosity. I wondered, if I can make something like this. I use to handle pain, but not so much  and on this body part. I looked for shooting. When I sat in the chair and Mila started to prepare his stuff, I became bit nervous. Still I was quite calm, because I know exactly what will happen. It was definitely not jolly. Usually I keep my emotions undercover, but here I was not able to handle it. Finally everything has gone succesfull and I am really grateful for this experience.