Míla Bugtcher

I know Model #13 from several BM activities and I know she can handle pain well. Still in first moments I forgot to invite her to this project, fortunately I invited her to second shooting of Model #10. I started with 3mm small hooks, that represent her passion in hook suspension. I used them to pierce inner labia and twisted them until they were painfully strained. To keep them in this position I pinned them by grilling needles to Models underbelly. First I planned to close her vaginal entry by surgical suture, but I felt non-metallic material will not match rest of the design, so I pierced her outer labia with injection needles and used them to pull through piece of metallic wire that I used instead of suture. Final grilling needle, which connects part of outer labia, I used not only for aesthetic reasons but primarily for underlining belonging between her and Model #10 who suffered from grilling needles repeatedly.

Model #13

I am a person with huge passion in body modification, and my positive relationship to pain and strong body awareness is related to that. For combination of my exhibicionism, expressing of sexuality and enjoing the nudity this project was too interesting to refuse to join. Besides the art I see in this it was also the act and experience that was very important to me.

I felt naturally certain respect before the shooting, I didn’t know how it will feel like even I had few genital piercings already, this is something incomparable. But I was still looking forward to it and I was right. The piercing and modelling for the picture was very intensive, nicely painful and exciting. All of the photos are great, especially the last one we created, so I’m happy with the visual result too. I would like to repeat this again.

And what would people around me say? I guess they wouldn’t be much surprised.