Míla Bugtcher

I had idea of two pussies sewn together since we started this project. I even had couple for this shooting prepared, but ladies stopped meeting each other so I had to postpone this projects part. Because in this case we cannot avoid cross-contamination with biological material, it was necesary to use ladies that know each other very well to avoid harming their health. I waited for more than a year for new Models until they found me. Couple of ladies who found me to brand heart on their bodies as a symbol of love and lifechange. They were not afraid of strange look of my office, I even registered their interest in everything new. After few minutes they were in.
Organisationally this was the most difficult one. They are both working mothers with small children living 2 hours of travel from Prague, so synchronizing our diaries was not easy. I had idea of making heart design from her genitalia, because this was symbol that brought us together. During realisation I found this plan unreal and for this I needed at least gymnast, better limbo dancer. Finally I sewed them together by simple twisted stitch, which I tighted slowly until their outer labia almoust touched.
I focused more on mutual communication than on complicated design. During quite short time we know each other, I learned them quite well, their life stories, their attitude to pain and sex. I was afraid not to harm them (one of them is quite sensitive) and I took this shooting more like prelude for more adventure we plan in future. Don´t know if it was caused by two ladies instead of one, but I really enjoyed atmosphere in the room and is impossible mutural interaction between Models and me, it would be worth recording it.


Model #14 & Model #15

We decided to join this project because of our desire to connect to each other and to develop our relationship a little further. Also to get closer to Míla. We were looking forward to combination of intense experience and coworking on the project. The shoothing itself was natural and fun to us, thanks to the photographer as well. If we should talk about negative feelings, Model #14 did suffer at certain moments, but euphoria of finishing and feeling the bliss overcome any previsou negative emotions. Model #15 did feel more positive emotions, after the sewing together was done and during the conection she felt a lot of euphoria and satisfaction. And about the photographs- we like the final one of course, but our most favourite is funny picture with Míla in the frame.

People around us would react in despise, they wouldn’t understand and perhaps be disgusted- negative in general.