Míla Bugtcher

Model #9 is beautiful woman at the first sight. She hides surprise under her clothes . Originally she was born as a man and even she’d changed most of her body, she kept penis between her legs. After testicle removal (done by surgeon, not by me) her scrotum was easy to form and useful for project purposes. I placed penis in the middle, pulled sides of scrotum over it to fake connected labia and sewed everything together with classical surgical suture. First I planned also to model upper part for better vulva fake, but I let this idea go, because too many small stitches would break this photo design.

Modelka #9

I wasn’t afraid of the intervention nor the photoshoot, but I wasn’t exactly excited either. I just wanted to join because I consider Hidden Pleasures as art project. The most powerful part of the shooting was sight at the bloody tissues after fixation elements were removed, that appeared very aesthetic to me.

And what would people around me think if they knew it is me at one of the photographs? I have no clue, I don’t understand people in general.