Míla Bugtcher

When you meet Model #8 on the street you will see absolutely innocent beautiful lady, whose optimistic face won‘t even permit thinking about connection between her and this project. After I met her in privacy I found that she is one of toughes masochists I had the pleasure to meet during my life. Even during hard torture she won‘t lose her sunny smile so I chose one of most difficult designs I prepared before. I used standard darning needle with double thread. Piercing tissue with this needle is absolutely not painless and followed by pulling double thread through it should eliminate almost everybody. She suffered with her beautiful smile on face, sometimes interrupted by signs of pain and excitement. During my work I felt absolutely no limits by Model‘s feeling and resistence, so I was able to finalize design up to perfection. Creating this design was one of those I enjoyed the most.

Model #8

I was attracted to the pictures as soon as Míla showed them to me. At first it didn’t occure to me that I could be a part of this. I started to explore my relationship with pain slowly and started to enjoy pushing my own limits. When Míla started to talk about this project again it was my curiosity what made the decission- I was curious about the technique and the pain itself. I was pretty nervous before the shooting, it’s not exactly a family picture kind of photography. Stress vanished away as soon as Míla started to prepare needed tools and I didn’t pay any attention Petr and his camera. I totally enjoyed thesewing and I wasn’t the only one enjoying it. So I consider this project as pleasure of all participants and kinky art, what can please and disust people at the sime time. My family wouldn’t see it as art I guess, and if I’d tell them it’s me at the pictures they would be shocked. On the other hand my friends wouldn’t be surprised.