Míla Bugtcher

Even that Model #5 is experienced tirailleur in BDSM and she received a lot of pain from my hands in past years, we caught her in days of big life changes, when she was not sure how much she can handle. She wanted to join project, but I rather chose less painful version. I pulled through her healed 4mm piercings 7mm jewel. This stretching was definitely not painless, but still it was not enough for fulfilling criteria. Jewel itself was not closing her vagina, so I addend one cross-stitch in upper part of her inner labia. In this case I focused on minimalizing pain according to actual state of mind of model.

Model #5

I thought that project Hidden Pleasures is very interesting for connecting very specific practice and valuable art capture of this. I enjoy interface of sex and art and I believe it can be done tastefully. The second reason for joining was personal- adorment of the labia is very intimate and personal issue for me. And play of this kind- sewing- I see as edgy, but interesting thing and I also wanted to overcome myself an go for it, even I knew it’s gonna be hard for me.

As a practice leading to satisfaction this kind of intervention failed with me. I was scared, because I know that sewing is very edgy for me, I knew the pain is gonna be big. I was looking forward to it of course, I am a masochist and I don’t hide that, but my favourite practices and causing pain are somewhere else.

I don‘t think people would look at more stranglely if I reveal that it’s me on the pictures. I don’t hide my sexual preferencies and people know I am kinky, even they don’t know every intimate detail. Although I shoot nudes, this explicit picture would be surprising for some people and they would be shocked of how far I can go.