Míla Bugtcher

Model #3 had limitation in receiving metal in her body, so we avoided using metelic components like jewels or metal spikes. I decided to focus more on experience than on design, so I chose thick 2/0 suture, where I could focus more on her reactions and less on exact symmetry.

Even using atraumatic needle, suture passed her skin very hard and slowly. First few stitches she handled with call mind, but during fourth stitch her pride was broken and our action got new dimension. She  begged me to stop, she tried to put her legs together, but still her discipline kept her hands out of my working area. Her pain graduated as I moved lower and lower with every stitch. When we finished she looked totally exhausted and tired, but still I believe she could handle more. After finishing she enjoyed this state so I kept her sewn together for another hour so she could focus on these feelings.

Model #3

Model #3 decided to leave her picture without comment.