Míla Bugtcher

I decided to use Model #2’s wish to have four outher labia piercings done during the photoshoot. In contrast to Model #1 we wanted to have brand new piercings, so we made them during the photoshoot, not in advance. She decided to have 1.6mm rings jewelry and our original idea was to add sewing lower labia together to achieve complete closing of the vagina. But after I put the piercing to the place we found out that adictional sewing has no sense for our idea and we put the piercings together by 4mm thick ring.

We took pictures of Model #2 at the same day as model #3, so she stayed a little longer to see the first stitches and then went home to see her boyfriend, who didn’t know about the photoshoot. The four new piercings were meant to be a surprise for him.

Model #2

I work with Petr Jedinák for a long time especially because of his sense for art. In his way things don‘t look cheap or vulgar. And I trust Míla in genital modification stuff, so this project was a quick choice. Above that I was interested by the theme, which has adding symbolism for me- devotion to my boyfriend, for who I „locked“ myself. I’m glad I can keep the piercings. I suppose I will find a practical use for it.

As far as pain goes, it is exciting for me, but not in sexual meaning. I like to cross my limits, to concentrate on the pain, feel it and learn how to handle it. And it excites me even more when it’s captured and transformed into piece of art!