Míla Bugtcher

Model #12 is hardcore masochist, so I chose for herfishing hooks vision, which I considered one of most painful styles of closing. I started working in upper part of genital, where I pierced both outer labia and underpierced her clit. Fishing hooks seem to be very sharp, but working with them is not so easy, piercing skin with them requires serious strenght. It took me several minutes to pierce first hook through and I almoust lost feeling in my fingers after this. For second one I rather used intravenous cannula I pulled hook through the way I do it during standard piercings.

Because we took photo 13.2., day before Valentines day, I chose valentines heart design that I finished with more fishing hooks. Inner labia are not so tough, so after I grabbed hooks in suture holder I was able to easily pierce it. I pulled fishing wire through hooks and my collegue and Model‘s husband helped me to keep heart effect for shooting.

Model #12

The first impulse for working on this project was curiosity, the second one was desire to try something I don’t know, but in what I might find interest because of my masochism. Another reason, and probably the most important one was knowing the person who is in charge of the project and my trust in him.

I consider the project and the final result as work of art, although I was surprised how much I enjoyed the procedure. The atmosphere at the shooting was very nice, I have to admit I was a little scared at the beginning, but it was just fear of unknown. Míla can emphatize in unbelievable way and he can give an uforgettable experience to other people.

When we started to talk about this project The photoshoot was one thing that I didn’t like at all. I didn’t know the photographer and wasn’t actually feeling like having my genitals photographed, actually not having it exposed. So I wasn’t looking forward to the shoot. Anyway I have to say that the choice of the photographer for this project was great. I didn’t feel that he bothers me at all, I actually liked his presence during the action. I didn’t notice him at the end at all.

Beginning of the piercing was too much painful for me and I was thinking about stopping it at some point, because it was just too much. We did have a little break, we changed the method of piercings and after that there wasn’t any troubles and I could enjoy the action. After I had the fish hooks inserted I was surprised how exciting it felt, especially the first two. I was even sorry that we ended and we have to take the hooks out. This experience was very intense and very exciting for me.

If people around me knew that I am one od the Models they wouldn’t understand. Not to the project, but to me.