Míla Bugtcher

I know Model #11 for quite long time and I know she can handle a lot. According to her „punk“ style of clothing and topology of her pussy I decided to use clasical safety pins. I wanted asymetrical design which represents Model #11’s appearance in general, so I also pinned her labia to skin around. Model has very positive attitude to pain, so I could work without any limitations.

Model #11

I like to try new things so when I get the opportunity to joint his art project I didn‘ hesistate at all. Pain isn’t a major thing to me so I was looking forward to the shooting even I knew the preparing won’t be too pleasant. According to my expectations everything run smooth and I have to admit that choice of safety pins is absolutely accurate.

I have a really good feeling from the shoot and the result, it was definetely nice and unforgateble experience and if I have any other opportunity to be a part of this project I would’t say no.