Míla Bugtcher

It was clear that we use Model #1 current piercings. I’ve been tuning her pussy for many years and for purpose of this project I just needed to upgrade some of her piercings. We had to stretch all her piercings to 3mm so we were able to fit small jewels called tunnels in. We stretched it about 2 weeks before shooting. It worked quite easy, but still we had to stretch some of them from 1,6mm. Inner labia piercings are easy to stretch and according to my experience you can handle it easily after short weight play. But in this case it was not necessary. Wearing this amount of tunnels is nothing comfortable, so Model #1 really looked for removing tunnels and returning to her favorite rings.

While preparing photo we tried several variants of closing using metallic wire, chains and padlock. Finally we have chosen version where both inner and outer labia are connected using long barbell passing through tunnels and still there is comfortable entry underneath.

Model #1

“This is something that we haven’t seen before.” That was my first thoughts when I discovered this project. My desire to be a part of it was somehow automatic, I know what I wear and I will be happy to show it in this decent way. I know some people might see “the decent” in Petr’s photographs in different way. But Petr’s photography is an art to me. I like them very much, they are aesthetic and gentle. And having my intim piercing is an aesthetic thing to me, no doubt that.

I was looking forward to the shooting as I was wearing tunnels for 14 days, and the sharp edges of this jewellery made every second of my day quite uncomfortable. In numbers of 4×4 at less then 10 square centimetres it was very very intense experience.

Some of the people around be would be probably surprised if they knew it was me at the picture. I don’t shout out loud that I have my intim piercing, but I don’t deny it either. So I wouldn’t mind if they knew.

I appreciated Petr’s maximal professional approach- the speed and creativity. I almost didn’t notice the camera was there, it didn’t disturb me at all- like it wasn’t there. And during the years I got used to Míla’s jokes about lost lock keys and to the sound of snapping pincers in my crotch, so I welcomed it as classical icebreakers.