Míla Bugtcher

Model Model #4 is a bit of masochist, but still I rather prepared design that I don´t consider painful, but still it corresponds her character. Middle of outer labia I stitched together with 3/0 surgical suture, which I haven´t closed after each stitch and whipped it even through her already healed piercings up to her vulva. This half organized and half chaotic concept I finished with steel buttplug from her own stuff as a symbol of order in this a bit chaotic design.

Model #4

When I found out that Hidden Pleasures project will be shot by Petr Jedinák there were no reason to think about it more. I consider this project as combination of art and pleasure. I was little worried that pictures might look vulgar, but I was nicely surprised. I was also affraid of the pain, as I always do- it can be tattoo, piercing or anything else. But I like to push my limits, so excitement took over. The sewing that Míla did was unpleasant. The pulling and knotting. Very exciting was also the fact that we weren’t alone there.

Some of people around me know about this photoshoot, some of them even seen the pictures. My mother has seen them too, so people respect what I do.